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About Tenshinkan

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our style of Karate was founded in Japan by Kancho Mamoru Miwa, Sensei 10th Dan. The Martial Arts have been Kancho Miwa’s life long work and although he specialises in Karate and is the founder of Tenshinkan, he is also highly qualified in other Martial Arts. Kancho Mamoru Miwa has been appointed by the Japan Karate Federation as the Chief Judge and Representative for this organisation for all Saitama Prefecture, which is the largest Northern Prefecture of Japan.

The Founder of Tenshinkan Karate Federation U.K. is Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan.  For over 50 years he has promoted and dedicated his life to karate.


"Never Give Up"

Maintaining Our History

Tenshinkan is one of few federations to maintain its traditional roots with each of its members around the world licenced and registered through our Headquarters in Japan. Our UK Chief Instructor Kyoshi Robert Kane prides himself on maintaining  International relationships on behalf of his clubs

The Tenshinkan Style

Original Martial Arts as practiced by the Old Masters in Japan, incorporated techniques and concepts from Karate, Aikido and Jui-Jitsu. To make Tenshinkan a well rounded form of self-defence , Kancho Miwa developed a system known as GOSHIN JITSU which Incorporate Aikido and Jui Jitsu Techniques and methods into the Tenshinkan System.......

Kyoshi Grading.png

How did Tenshinkan Karate come to the U.K. 

The founder of the U.K. Federation  is Kyoshi Robert Kane 8th - Dan.   Robert started karate, in 1965 and the early part of his training took place in his home town of Dundee, but it was not long before he was travelling all over Britain to train with various Japanese Senseis. His technique, speed and power were developed strong enough to match the best of his contemporaries and by the 1970's he was representing Scotland in European competition.

In 1971 circumstances guided him to work in South Africa. Whilst there he was asked to give instruction in Karate at the Local Benoni Karate Club. This was where he met Hanshi Hans Haupt.  Hans Haupt at that time became a good personal friend of Robert Kane whilst training.  In 1974 Robert returned to Scotland while Shihan Hans Haupt left for Japan.

It was in 1981 that Robert was invited by Hanshi Hans Haupt to return to South-Africa to meet and train with Kancho Mamoru Miwa.  Robert was so impressed that he immediately affiliated with the Tenshinkan style. He became determined to travel to Japan. Then just three years later in 1984 he made his way to Hasuda City in Japan for his 4th Dan Examination and to compete in the World Championships.

Wa Go Ken San.......

A few years later Robert returned to Japan in 1987 for a further gruelling seven weeks training under Kancho Mamoru Miwa where he was awarded the very honourable grade of Shihan (5th Dan.) His dedication to Tenshinkan Karate has taken him all around the world but now much of his time and energy is spent deepening the roots of Tenshinkan Karate in Britain. In the U.K. and the world at large there are a myriad of karate styles.  Kyoshi Robert has had to fight very hard within the U.K. and in particular Scotland, to develop and win the respect of the karate world to the Tenshinkan style. 

Kyoshi Robert has travelled back to Japan several times in recent years to train with Kancho.  On some of these occassions he has been accompanied by various U.K. Instructors.   Now after all these years of his dedication to Tenshinkan Karate these Instructors are now teaching and organising their respective clubs here in the U.K. Kyohsi Robert attended the Tenshinkan Karate Federation World Gashuku held in South Africa 2016 and received his appointment from Shihan to Kyoshi recognising his lifelong commitment to karate.

As Chief Judge and Examiner for the U.K. Tenshinkan Karate Federation Robert now regularly travels around the country teaching and developing the growth of Tenshinkan. Robert's vision for the U.K. Federation is for progressive growth. Robert's message is simple, 

 " I believe very strongly in Tenshinkan.  Our main task has to be developing and helping this style of Karate to flourish in the U.K. This means putting a lot of emphasis on our younger karate-ka, with regular training and attention to the details of good basic techniques.   I want all of my instructors to become part of this task.   With truly dedicated members our Federation can only go from strength to strength. OSSU! "








Hanshi Hans Haupt

South Africa  Chief Instructor

Kyoshi Robert Kane

UK Chief Instructor

Kyoshi Robert Kane

UK Chief Instructor

Kancho Mamoru Miwa

World Chief Instructor

Hanshi Hans Haupt

South Africa  Chief Instructor

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