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Ardler Complex - Dojo

Latest News:-
Ardler Juniors - New mitts - March 2023.jpg
A big thank you to the Dundee Partnership Fund for assisting our Club with the purchase of hand mitts for junior members to train with.  They kindly authorised funds to purchase training mitts which now makes it safer for kids to practice freestyle.
Congratulations to Senior members who passed their Grading on Thursday 8th Dec 2022
Ardler Dojo Gradings 08-12-22.jpg
Congratulations to all Ardler Junior members on Grading passes - Sept 2022.         
Please also visit:   Tenshinkan Ardler | Facebook
Ardler Complex - Tenshinkan Gradings 04 -29th Sept..jpeg
Ardler Dojo - June Grading..jpg
Daniel Thain - Ardler Complex.jpg
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