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Basic Equipment

The Karate Gi/Suit

A karate uniform is sometimes called by its Japanese name 'karate do-gi' or 'keiko-gi' (training clothing) or more commonly used outside of Japan is just the word 'gi' (clothing/uniform) which is pronounced 'ghee'. 

There are many styles of Karate Gi differing by the cut of the material and the weight of the material. A traditional 'Japanese cut' suit will typically have shorter sleeves and trouser legs where as the modern European cut will offer full length sleeve and trouser. This typically becomes applicable to a Karate-ka as they advance through their Karate career. They will begin to select a lighter suit for sparring/Kumite training where this style offers more room for movement and speed. A heavier suit would be selected for practicing Kata and other demonstrations where the heavier material is more crisp in appearance and provides and audible snap for emphasis in movements.

Beginners should not be concerned with the varying styles of Gi at an early stage. Karate Gi's vary significantly in price and when starting out you select a suit that is not expensive, is comfortable and fits you well. A beginners suit will often come with a white belt included. 

Karate Gis, Suits, Uniforms, Outfits | Kumite & Kata | Blitz ( 

Size Guide (Junior)

Size Guide (Senior)

Protective Equipment


Specifically designed for WUKF competition use and are WUKF approved. It is made of 2.54cm (1 inch) thick dipped foam with poly-carbon face mask. The headguard is compulsory for all children 12 years and under at all WUKF competitions. The extra thick dipped foam affords extra protection. Extremely resistant, protects almost the entire face, including ears, chin and cheekbones. Extra areas open towards the mouth to facilitate breathing while wearing, and avoids steaming.

Headguards – Premium range – Katara Martial Arts (

Chest Guard.jpg


Protects against blows and strikes
Elasticated back panel and Velcro strap
Lightweight and comfortable
Anti-impact inner material with high shock absorbency rate

Compulsory for female competitors and all children 12 years & under in all WUKF competitions.

Chestguards – Katara Martial Arts (


A World Union Karate-Do Federation Tournament mitt. Now used in karate championships around the world. Lightweight, durable and very comfortable to wear. Securely fastens at the wrist with a wrap-around Velcro strap

Mitts – Katara Martial Arts (

Double Sided Belts

Unique to WUKF. Why carry two belts to competitions when you have have two in one. A polycotton, double-sided red/white belt for kumite competitions, 4.5cm wide with 11 rows of high quality stitching for double strength. These belts are worn at competitions around the world, are approved by WUKF , are easy to tie and very durable.

Double Sided Belts – Katara Martial Arts (

Shinpads With Removable Foot

This WUKF approved karate range consists of a shin guard and foot guard that can either be worn together or separately.

The foot section has adjustable Velcro straps around the rear of the heel and is held firmly, yet comfortably, in position with elastic straps on the insole and toes.

The shin attaches to the foot with soft Velcro and also has three Velcro straps to the rear to secure the guard to the shin and calf.

Shinpads With Removable Foot – Katara Martial Arts (

Training Aids

Tenshinkan Karate: Complete Guide for Beginner to Black Belt

Tenshinkan is a Martial Art that combines Karate with Goshin Jitsu and Kobujutsu. (Goshin Jitsu = a combination of Aikido and Jui-Jitsu with Karate) (Kobujutsu = Traditional Japanese Weapons) This Book is VOLUME 1 - of Tenshinkan Karate This Book is written specifically for BEGINNER to BLACK BELT (1st Dan) covering all the Basics, Concepts and Methods of Tenshinkan Karate This book also covers many other aspects such as: Condensed History of Karate. History of Tenshinkan Karate. Valuable Training tips and hints Dojo Etiquette and procedures.. There is also separate volumes for the Goshin Jitsu used in Tenshinkan. (10 Volumes) The first 10 volumes should be bought in conjunction with this book as the Goshin Jitsu forms a vital part of the Tenshinkan System. Each Kyu Grade (Belt) Syllabus requires its own Goshin-Jitsu volume. Because the Goshin Jitsu has a lot to cover it cannot cost effectively be included into this volume. There is also Video + DVD's available for the Goshin Jutsu There is also separate KATA DVD'S that can be purchased to aid your study of Tenshinkan These DVD'S show the Kata from Front View AND from Back View. They also show each Kata's BUNKAI (Application of the Kata moves) A Valuable collection on its own. This book will prove invaluable to Beginners as well as Instructors. Expertly written by Hanshi Hans Haupt (9th Dan), (First Westerner to enter the Tenshinkan School in Japan) in conjunction with Tenshinkan Master Kancho Mamoru Miwa World Chief Instructor

Tenshinkan Karate: Complete Guide for Beginner to Black Belt: Haupt, Hanshi Hans: 9781664117075: Books

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