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Tenshinkan U.K. Gradings

 Tenshinkan UK karate Gradings for all members are normally held 4 times each year -  March, June, September & December. 

All members must be registered and have trained sufficiently to be eligible to apply for their next Kyu grading.  Gradings above Kyu level i.e. Black belt gradings are conducted on special courses or Gashukus.

All members are expected to have a knowledge of the relevant basic techniques and other formats for their grade level.   An important part of Tenshinkan karate syllabus contains Kata training.

What is Kata?  

Hanshi Hans Haupt explains kata in his book Tenshinkan Karate, Vol. 1, page 246,* 

" Kata consists of a series of moves performed in a sytematic , organized and set sequence. In its performance it is directed against a number of imaginary attackers who are attacking from several different directions. 

Movements of Kata include hand and foot techniques, defence and counter attack techniques, side stepping, foot shifting and sliding, as well as body twisting, turning and leaping techniques. " 

               It is available to order online from Amazon UK: : tenshinkan 


Junior members.

Tenshinkan UK Gradings  for Junior members splits each Grade into two parts with the second part emphasising Kata knowledge.   Please refer to the chart below for information on the next relevant Kata for your Grade.  

Junior & Senior members.

Tenshinkan katas, demonstrated by Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan,  are available to view online via our Tenshinkan website.  They are not however a substitute for regular Dojo training. 

Please visit Video page here:  Video | Tenshinkan Karate (

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