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Where to get all your Tenshinkan equipment :
Karate Gi - Obi - Mitts - Badges - Books - 
Karate Gi's - Belts - Mitts etc
can often
 be purchased from your Club Instructor. 

Aternatively you can order directly online from Blitz Sport UK
Blitz | The UK's Leading Martial Arts Equipment Supplier (
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Tenshinkan Karate Gi Badge-
Please order this badge from you Club Instructor
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Newly published is Tenshinkan Karate, Volume 1, by Hanshi Hans Haupt. 

This book will prove invaluable to new members and Instructors alike as a must have manual.

It is packed with information about our style of karate, history, syllabus, techniques, methods and much more. 

It is available to order online from Amazon UK. : tenshinkan 

Tenshinkan Book - Front Cover.jpg
Tenshinkan Book - Rear Cover.jpg
Tenshinkan -Japanese karate terminology into English

Click on the PDF icon to download the Tenshinkan U.K. terminology information sheet.

For a more extensive list of Japanese terminology - please visit:
The Karate Blog online
260 Karate Terms (Karate Terminology List) You Can't Ignore! (
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