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Tournaments -
Tenshinkan highlights from the WUKF Championships  13th -16 July 2023

Z. Tenshinkan team at WUKF Championships - 14th July 2023.jpg
Tenshinkan U.K. team at the Dundee Ice Arena - WUKF Championships
Team Tenshinkan Photo highlights from 11th World Tournament.  ( Remember to use the Slider Arrows to see all the images and Click in the centre to enlarge. )
Congratulations to all members who participated in the Tournament.   Tenshinkan achieved 9 Bronze and 2 Silver medals.   
Tenshinkan U.K. wish to extend a very big thank you to over 80 friends and family who donated just over £2,500 to fund our Tenshinkan team tracksuits. 
And a special thank you to Shidoin Aaron Scott for his generous donation assisting with Tenshinkan's affiliation fee to the World Union of Karate Federations. 
Some What's App comments on the event: 
Sensei Tom Spasic:
" Many thanks to the Tenshinkan members who organised everything for this world event and managed to raise all the monies. What a feat. Congratulations to everyone that participated and of course to the medal winners."
" I just want to say thank you to Ashley and Aaron for all the hours and hours of hard work that went into getting everything in place for us to compete, it's been hardwork"

Sensei Chris Beddows: 
" Looks amazing guys, good luck Aaron.  My first training session done which was brilliant, little sore this morning, lots of training today."

Shidoin Aaron Scott: 
" Ambers kata - she had surgery on her knee 3-4 weeks ago. Very proud of her"

Shihan John Young:
" Well done Amber your mum and dad will be proud of you Ossu "

Kyoshi Robert Kane:
" Amber: Great  achievement  .Good kata. Ossu Kyoshi "

Shihan John McLean:
" Well done to all participants and your instructors, you have all done Tenshinkan proud. "

Sensei Ruth Young: 
 "Congratulations Aaron … well deserved today "

Sensei Nicola Nixon:
" I just want to say thank you to Ashley and Aaron for all the hours and hours of hard work that went into getting everything in place for us to compete, it's been hard work"

Sensei Ashley Russell:
" Thanks to Chris for training with the kids for inclusive categories and coming along to squads.  We have been a heck of a team. "

Sensei Mark Livingstone: 
" Well done to all"

Tenshinkan members in action at the WUKF Tournament
 Tenshinkan video highlights from the tournament.

Tournaments -
Tenshinkan at the Scottish Open Karate Championships - 30-03-2023.

Scottish Open Championships.jpg


Gold & Silver medals for Shihan John Young, 6th Dan at the Scottish Open Championships


Congratulations to all Tenshinkan Senior and Junior members from our various Dundee Dojos who participated in the WUKF Scottish Open Championships on Sunday 30th April, 2023. 

Also well done to Shihan Magnus and members from Sweden who travelled to this event to participate. 

Tenshinkan successfully took a mixed number of gold, silver and bronze medals, Juniors and Seniors, both in Kumite and Kata. 

A big thank you to all the Instructors and Club assistants who coached the children in the run up to this event.   Special thanks to: Shihan John Young, Sensies Ruth Young, Jonathan Young, Nicola Nixon, Ashley Russell, Tom Spasic, Chris Beddows and Aaron Scott.  

Tenshinkan memers from Dundee and Denmark

Tenshinkan at the WUKF British Championships 11-02-2023

WUKF Tournament 05.jpg
    Congratulations to all Tenshinkan U.K. members who participated in the WUKF Open British Championships, especially medal winners from Finmill Dojo - John Mill & Kyle Ferguson.
   Well done to all of our members who made the trip to London to enter this event.  
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