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Grading Gashuku

     Tenshinkan U.K. Grading Gashuku page is 
dedicated to members who have made the arduous journey through all the basic and intermediate grades to achieve Shodan and beyond. 

    It normally takes many years of dedication and commitment to first reach Shodan (1st Dan), and then all the way to Rokkudan (6th Dan), with some Instructors eventually organising their own karate clubs, under the guidance of the Chief Instructor,
Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan. 
Tenshinkan UK Chief Instructor - Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan. Grading.jpg
Tenshinkan Karate Federation U.K.Chief Instructor, Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan. 

Congratulations to all Tenshinkan U.K. members who attended the Grading Gashuku on Sunday 18th June, 2023, and successfully passed their Grading Examinations. 

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