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Tenshinkan UK at the WUKF Championships in Dundee - July 13-16, 2023 features on the Tenshinkan Japan website (Overseas branch news)
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Click here to visit the Japan Tenshinkan website and view photos from the WUKF Tournament:
天真館空手道連盟公式ホームページ (     
On the Japan site: click on this Icon 

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Read more of the story behind this event on the Dundee City Council website:
Dundee to host 2023 WUKF World Karate Championships | Dundee City Council
Holiday dates:
Tenshinkan training times for Summer / School holidays  2023

- Dates closed & Restarting times.

Ardler Dojo :

Last training for the Junior Class is on Thursday 29th June.

Last training for the Senior Class is on Thursday 20th July.

Training for Junior & Senior Class restarts on Thursday 17th August.


Finmill Dojo:

Last training for the Junior & Senior Class is on Monday 10th July.

Training for Junior & Senior Class restarts on  Monday 14th August.


Forthill Dojo:

Last training for the Junior & Senior Class is on Tuesday 27th June.

Training for Junior & Senior Class restarts on Tuesday 15th August.


Invergowrie School Dojo:

Last training for the Junior & Senior Class is on Tuesday 27th June.

Training for Junior & Senior Class restarts on Tuesday 15th August.


Bullionfield Dojo:

Last training for the Junior & Senior Class is on Sunday 16th July.

Training for Junior & Senior Class restarts on  Sunday 6th August.

N.B  Training for Invergowrie & Bullionfield Dojo members is available on:

Wed 5th July, Wed 12th July, Wed 9th August.


Other dates for your diary:

W.U.K.F. World Championships from Thursday 13th July - Sunday 16th July.

Finmill Dojo Gala Day - Saturday 19th August.

Downloadable PDF file with above information for Club Instructors.

Tenshinkan members receive their Certificates from Kancho in Japan - presented by Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan. 

Congratulations - Sensei Nicola Nixon & Sensei Tom Spasic on both achieving 4th Dan.


Two very longstanding members of Tenshinkan UK, Sensei Nicola Nixon and Sensei Tom Spasic have successfully achieved their 4th Dan Gradings with Kyoshi Robert Kane. 


They have been training hard with Kyoshi Robert during the pandemic, learning katas and a myriad of Tenshinkan techniques. 


Both Tom and Nicola did a very strong grading according to Kyoshi Robert.  He also commented that Sensei Nicola displayed a " very good knowledge and understanding of Tenshinkan karate techniques. " 

Both members have been organising their own Clubs now for some years and helping to develop and broaden the reach of Tenshinkan Karate in their respective communities.  

Since Scottish Government restrictions over Covid have now relaxed somewhat, both Finmill and Forthill Dojo have increased their membership and are going from strength to strength under the leaderships of Sensei Nicola and Sensei Tom. 


Sensei Nicola and Sensei Tom receiving their 4th Dan Certificates from Kyoshi Robert Kane.  


Congratulations -Shihan John Mclean

Congratulations to John McLean (formerly Shihan-Dai) on his appointment to the new rank of Shihan.


Kyoshi Robert Kane, UK Chief Instructor, and Kancho Mamoru Miwa, World Chief Instructor both agreed to approve John Mclean to the new rank of Shihan for his dedication and commitment to Tenshinkan Karate Federation over the last 30 years. 


Shihan John Mclean, 5th Dan, has during his years as a member, travelled three times to Japan to train in the Honbu Dojo with Kancho Miwa in order to improve his knowledge of Tenshinkan karate techniques.  

John has always used that experience to help Tenshinkan members in the UK to improve their skills, and he has dedicated many years to teaching both children and adults alike.

So, congratulations from all Tenshinkan UK members to Shihan John McLean on this prestigious appointment. 

Shihan John Mclean - 001.jpg
Shihan John Mclean - 004.jpg

Shihan John McLean receives his Certificate from Kyoshi Robert Kane. 

Shihan John Mclean - 003.jpg

Congratulations - Sensei Chris Beddows

Tenshinkan UK have a new Shodan member who passed his Black Belt grading on Saturday 27th November 2021.

Sensei Chris has been training for many years with his Club Instructor - Sensei Tom Spasic,3rd Dan, and of course our Chief Instructor, Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan.  

Sensei Tom has commented,

     " My congratulations to Sensei Chris who performed a very strong Grading Examination. It has not been easy over the last 18 months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Chris religiously trained with Kyoshi Robert on Zoom virtual classes for over a year during this time. 


After Clubs re-opened for pyshical trainging a  few months ago, Chris has worked very hard to get himself in shape for this well deserved Shodan grading. 


His knowledge and experience will be a great asset to our members in our new Forthill Dojo in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. "

For more information about Forthill Dojo please visit Facebook page: 

(5) Forthill Tenshinkan Karate | Facebook


Sensei Chris Beddows, 1st Dan, receives his Japan Certificate endorsed by Kancho, from Kyoshi Robert Kane, 8th Dan. 

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